Youth Athlete Performance and Rehab

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Youth Athlete Performance and Rehab

Geared specifically towards our high school and collegiate athletes, our Youth Athlete Performance PT not only addresses specific injuries but also looks at the athletic performance overall. We identify mobility, strength, and coordination deficits that are directly related to any past or present sports injuries and use high quality hands-on techniques to calm symptoms down effectively. At the same time, we push our athletes to keep training to their fullest available capacity even throughout the rehab process. Our one-on-one care model means that our therapists are focused solely on one athlete at a time, allowing for immediate feedback on exercises and drills, increasing the efficiency of each visit.

In the first session, we take all of our athletes through a thorough, multimodal examination process. We assess the athlete’s current functional level through testing protocols that are specific to each athlete and the demands of their sport/position to identify areas of improvement. This assessment will guide our treatment approach and enable us to address acute and chronic areas of injury or pain while also establishing a baseline for athletic performance. Based on each athlete’s needs and goals, we create a customized treatment plan using a combination of hands-on, one-on-one treatment sessions in the clinic and personalized at home exercise programs to optimize your rehab and training.

We perform regular re-assessments throughout the course of each treatment plan to ensure that each athlete is developing greater physical fitness and capacity while also improving their confidence and mental readiness for sport!

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