Golf Rehabilitation and Performance

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Golf Rehabilitation and Performance

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified

With a combination of the Titleist Performance Institute Screening, along with the knowledge of a Doctor of Physical Therapy, we identify mobility and strength deficits that are affecting your ability to perform at your best on the course. In a traditional TPI screening pain means the test is invalid or failed. We as Doctors of Physical Therapy are able to adapt and use our knowledge of the musculoskeletal system to address any pain that is limiting your golf game.

If you are dealing with pain, a thorough examination will be performed to get to the root cause of your pain. We will take you through the Titleist Performance Institute’s 16 movement golf specific screening process to help identify mobility and strength deficits affecting your golf swing. We will utilize manual therapy techniques and create a custom treatment plan to address your specific needs.

Based on your needs and goals, a customized treatment plan is created using a combination of in clinic, hands on, treatment sessions along with a personalized at home exercise program to optimize your potential.

What injuries do we help golfers with the most?

Lower back pain (disc, muscle, ligament)
Shoulder pain (impingement, rotator cuff, labrum)
Elbow pain (tennis and golfer's elbow)
Hip pain (tendinitis, arthritis, labrum)
Knee pain (tendinitis, meniscus, arthritis, ligament injury)

What Should I Do Next?

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Let us find the root cause of your pain
Create a custom treatment plan for you
Start living pain-free!

Eliminate Pain, Enjoy Your Life, B Your Best!

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