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We’re a Different Kind of Physical Therapy
and We’re Proud of It!

The current trend in physical therapy is to treat a high volume of patients, which results in less individual attention. At other practices, during most one-hour treatments, a patient will only spend 15 minutes with a physical therapist because the therapist sees multiple patients simultaneously. Some of your treatment time is even spent with non-licensed aides and technicians doing exercises.

When Dr. Steven Balogh founded B Physical Therapy, he took the opposite approach. His idea was to maximize personal attention so that recovery and relief from pain could happen as quickly as possible. At B Physical Therapy, therapists only schedule one patient at a time and give them their full, undivided attention for the entire therapy session. All care is done by Doctors of Physical Therapy, not aides or technicians. Another huge advantage of B PT is that Doctors of Physical Therapy provide all treatments. If during your visit your therapist determines that physical therapy is not appropriate for your condition, they will refer you to the proper specialist for treatment.

Since you spend a full hour with a physical therapist at every session instead of 15 minutes, the number of visits required is greatly reduced. At most physical therapy practices, patients are scheduled for three visits per week for six to eight weeks. At B PT, the typical patient only requires one to two visits per week for three to four weeks to be pain-free. Many of our patients choose to stay longer to help build up their body to make sure they stay pain-free!

So, not only do you recover from your injury that much faster, you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience and cost of numerous weekly office trips over an extended period of time. It just doesn’t make sense to go anywhere else.

What Make Us

While most local physical therapy practices focus on high-volume bookings, our focus is on individualized treatment in a quiet, personal setting.

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B Physical Therapy

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One on one treatment at every appointment.
You will see the same therapist at every appointment.
You will see a Doctor of Physical Therapy at every appointment.
You will not receive a bill after we finish therapy.
Unlimited access to contact your therapist, even on weekends and evenings.

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