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BPT Fitness Athlete (CrossFit) Program

We love helping Fitness Athletes aka Crossfitters overcome injuries to stay active!

We know how important physical activity is to long-term health and CrossFit is a safe and excellent way to maintain or improve physical fitness.

You will never hear us say “don’t do CrossFit”, “don’t lift heavy weights”, “stop doing CrossFit”, or “CrossFit is dangerous”.

Instead, we find ways to modify your training while simultaneously rehabbing your injury to get you back to 100%.

What Injuries do we Help CrossFitters with the most?

Knee pain (patellofemoral)
Shoulder pain (rotator cuff, impingement)
Low back pain
Neck pain
Muscle strains
Recovery - dry needling, soft tissue mobilizations, joint manipulation and mobilization

Treatment Plan

Our Fitness Athlete Program includes:

  • Injury examination and assessment (if needed)
  • Movement analysis for squat, deadlift, push press and pull-up
  • Movement analysis for Olympic lifting including snatch, clean and jerk
  • Mobility analysis for gymnastics movements including kipping and butterfly pull-ups
  • Mobility and strength assessments to determine areas of needed improvement
  • Customized treatment and training plan so you can start hitting PR’s in your workouts!
  • Hands-on treatment to address injury areas or to improve mobility or muscle recruitment (dry needling, soft tissue mobilizations, joint manipulation and mobilization)
  • Customized accessory work for you to perform as a warm-up or in an EMOM (every minute on the minute) style to address areas of need

What Should I Do Next?

Schedule an initial examination
Let us find the root cause of your pain
Create a custom treatment plan for you
Start living pain-free!

Eliminate Pain, Enjoy Your Life, B Your Best!

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