Is Pain Causing You Depression? Consider Mental Health Therapy in Orlando

Is Pain Causing You Depression? Consider Mental Health Therapy in Orlando

Is Pain Causing You Depression? Consider Mental Health Therapy in Orlando

What Is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is a long-term condition that persists for months or even years after an injury or illness has healed. While chronic pain can start from a variety of sources, some common causes include arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, lower back problems, shingles, cancer treatment side effects, and diabetes-related nerve damage. Tending to chronic pain requires a different approach than tending to acute (short-term) pain; often this includes a combination of physical therapies like massage therapy combined with mental health counseling to help the patient effectively cope with their condition.

How Can Mental Health Counselors Help?

Mental health counselors are trained professionals who specialize in helping people find ways to cope with difficult emotions associated with chronic pain. They will evaluate the individual’s situation and develop customized plans that best meet their needs. These plans may involve cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), relaxation techniques such as mindfulness meditation, hypnosis/hypnotherapy sessions, lifestyle changes such as changes in diet or exercise routines, or a combination of all of these approaches tailored specifically for the individual’s needs. By blending traditional counseling techniques with alternative therapies like yoga or tai chi classes, these mental health counselors can provide personalized help that addresses both the body and mind simultaneously.

Why Choose Orlando Thrive Therapy?

At Orlando Thrive Therapy we understand that managing both physical and emotional pain can be difficult on your own. Our team of qualified mental health counselors have experience working with people dealing with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia or cancer treatment side effects and we have developed strategies tailored specifically for individuals suffering from long-term illnesses or disorders. We believe in utilizing evidence-based treatments so that you get the most effective care possible while also providing emotional support every step of the way so you feel comfortable discussing your feelings openly without fear of judgement or stigma attached to seeking professional help for your condition.


If you are struggling with physical pain that is having an impact on your emotional well being then consider speaking to one of our licensed mental health counselors at Orlando Thrive Therapy today! We understand how difficult it can be to manage both physical and emotional symptoms related to chronic conditions and our team is here to provide support through evidence based treatments tailored just for you! Don’t let your physical pain ruin your quality of life; speak up now so we can help you find solutions! Contact us today at

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