Dry Needling Therapy Benefits

Dry Needling Therapy Benefits

Dry Needling Therapy Benefits

Poking your body with needles to reduce pain may seem absurd, but you may be surprised by the results it offers. Many individuals who struggle with lower back pain, musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction, neck pain, and other muscle tightness injuries utilize dry needling therapy to reduce their pain and find incredible results! Our experts on physical therapy in Oviedo offer the following information to help you understand dry needling and the potential outcomes you might experience.

Dry needling is a therapy that involves the insertion of an extremely thin needle into tight muscles and trigger points of the body. The primary purpose is to enhance tissue healing and revive muscle function.

Dry needling is proven to assist with many issues, including:

  • Lower back pain and tension
  • Neck discomfort
  • Tennis elbow
  • Migraine headaches
  • Spinal dysfunction
  • Joint dysfunction
  • Sciatica pain

There is much more to this approach than simply poking a dry needle into your body and magically feeling better. First, there is science involved in the process. Needling produces a lesion that begins a cycle of physiological agents remodeling the body's damaged and inflamed soft tissue. It substitutes injured tissue with new tissue of the same kind.

Dry needling is effective because it encourages the body to repair the injury and relieve your pain by intrinsically healing itself. Some people believe dry needling requires the injection of drugs into their bodies, but there is no medication injected, and the whole procedure is painless.

There are many benefits of dry needling therapy, including:

Pain and Muscle Tightness Relief

Dry needling is an effective way to ease pain in specific areas of your body because it targets trigger points. For example, if you're struggling with neck or shoulder pain, your therapist will insert needles into targeted trigger points. The needles release tension, pressure, inflammation, and chemicals in the muscles causing the pain. The results often lead to an improved range of motion and rapid pain relief.

Improved Range of Motion

Similar to how it relieves tension and pressure in bodily trigger points, this approach improves the overall movement of injuries. If you're an athlete who is frequently on the move, maintaining fluid movement and having a full range of motion are keys to your success. For example, if you're a baseball player, retaining Three a full range of motion in your shoulder is essential when successfully throwing a baseball. Repeatedly throwing said baseball puts continued stress on your shoulder, so it's critical to loosen your muscles and decrease tightness. Dry needling can help relieve this pain and enhance your overall shoulder function so you won't experience constant discomfort, as with any other injury.

Faster Recovery

When you experience an injury, recovery is the most menacing and extended component. While some injuries demand longer recovery spans than others, people are usually anxious to return to maximum strength. With dry needling, patients often experience more immediate pain relief and an expanded range of motion. The most significant benefit of dry needling in Oviedo is that it speeds up the healing process compared to different therapy alternatives.

These are just a few of the benefits of dry needling. Contact us today if you need physical therapy in Oviedo. We want to make your life more manageable.

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